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I've seen a lot of things on and hope to see many more things to come. I've always had some fun myself and this site really captures that on my desktop.

Lauren and I moving in together was supposed to be a test since both of us were packed into a tiny little studio apartment like sardines. I left my habit of checking out to manage a team of 26 people at my companies biggest on site operation. This was still the same company Iíd been working with for 4 years at this point. To me, the future still looked good as Lauren was starting a new job with a competitor of and I was taking over a Management role. The new position offered a lot less money but I thought the management experience would look good on a resume.

My new job made me want to kill myself everyday while Lauren and I really kicked our own business into high gear. We had been involved through since we started dating and just now we were starting to see some money come in.  I was primarily involved because of her and I knew that I didnít want to be stuck working the same job for the rest of my life. It was supposed to be a way out, a breath of fresh air, and the way to start living our lives again.

As is turns out, this business venture we were on was more like a prison for me and really made me unhappy. I was so in love with Lauren that I was willing to work a full day at a job I hated, before talking to large groups of people every night to recruit them into It was exhausting being so unhappy in my life just to spend time with the one person that made me happy. The fact is that I wasnít in total control of what was going on. I allowed myself to soften up and this was the beginning of the end.

On December 1st, 2006, we had been dating for over a year and living together for about six months. I thought I was starting to get the reigns back in on the relationship. I had started telling her what I would be doing instead of asking for her permission, including going to whenever I wanted. This lead to her gaining some respect back which in turn made me love her more. At this point the relationship felt right and I asked for her hand in marriage. It was downtown, there was snow on the ground and we were in the middle of Christmas lit park. It really was pretty beautiful. She said yes and then the wedding planning began.

I had been a DJ for a couple years part time during college so I had seen hundreds of wedding receptions from behind the scenes. This gave me the idea that I could handle a lot of the reception stuff while she could do most of the actual wedding stuff. Everything was starting to fall into place nicely and I was getting really excited for our lives together.

Within the next few months I started logging on to pretty much every day. It was a two bedroom flat that came furnished with a lot of the things we didnít have. It was a great deal. We had also finished most of the wedding planning and I was in control of the relationship. Things felt pretty good but now we didnít really have anything to do together, so I started doing more of my own things as did she. We never discussed this as a problem in the relationship, but then I made a decision that would end the relationship.

Our small business has the huge meeting of 10,000 plus people every 2 to 3 months. They were called leadership conferences. They were to be held in different places all over the US and we just had to figure out how to get to them. I had also planned a trip with 4 of my best friends since we hadnít spent any time together and our schedules were so tight. We were going to spend a week in south Florida, the everglades, Miami, and Key West. At first Lauren was ok with this and acted like everything was fine, but it wasnít. She was getting more involved with Quixtar as I was trying to find ways out by means of other small business. I had the idea to start my own Recruitment firm and she flipped out.

This was only an idea to start market research on a business plan but unfortunately this idea came right before a leadership conference that I decided not to attend. Not being at a leadership conference was a cardinal sin within Quixtar and I knew it. I was hoping Lauren would start to see the crazy ways of this cult we were working with but then I just saw more crazy in her eyes when she broke up with me.